[lfs-support] Grub Questions (or how to waist yet ... even more ... precious electrons)

alex lupu alupu01 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 2 15:08:54 PDT 2012

Hi Bruce:

Yes, you are right about the (HTML) client.

If you remember (I'm trying to actually forget), after
my flailing around with various emails and modes,
in a series of back and forth posts you straighten me up
about what is and how to use the best email/mode:

Gmail in "Plain Text"

Despite two disadvantages:

1.  The way Gmail "announces" its current mode:
It reads "Rich Formatting >>";  the user misses the
two little angle brackets (meaning actually, "to go to")
and thinks she _is_ in some sort of HTML.

2.  The content seen in the Sent window appears
mangled even after the _correct_ "Plain Text" message.
So here the only proof of the pudding (hopefully, a reassuring
result) is a quick visit to, say, the lfs-support Archive
in order to admire (or critique) your opus as the world gets to see it.

-- Alex

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