[lfs-support] Grub Questions (or how to waist yet ... even more ... precious electrons)

Mikie kmb at mikienet.com
Sat Sep 1 14:50:12 PDT 2012

I see that LFS 7.1 uses Grub 0.97 and the Ubuntu 12.04 server I am using as a host uses Grub 2 (  1.99 ??  ).

I've looked around and read several articles but I am left wanting (as they say in a Dickens's novel).

Grub stage one is the code in the MBR ... right?

How does stage one know where to go from there?

I see this root= thingy which lives in a config file but that's in a file system.

Doesn't there need to be something in the MBR to point to the partition where Grub config files live?

... as well as stage 2 code???

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