[lfs-support] Boot message log location

Eleanore Boyd cara117 at cox.net
Sat Sep 1 17:42:16 PDT 2012

On 9/1/2012 4:01 PM, Mikie wrote:
>> This might sound really odd or insulting or completely unrelated, but you could try remastering an already existing distro to learn about Linux in addition to building LFS. For example, you can strip about 3/4 of the packages from Ubuntu and it still works, you simply have less functionality (and most of the programs aren't really useful for a developer anyway). You'll get an idea of what's needed by what program and why.
>> Elly
> Good idea!
> ummm ... how do I do that again?
With Ubuntu, there is a handy dandy tool that you install (on a host 
Ubuntu system, it's kinda silly) that does most of the work, you're 
simply customizing labels, language options, and which packages are in 
the live system. You will have to download a copy of your preferred 
version, as it extracts the contents and runs it as a secondary system.

With other distros, there are plenty of guides out there, but this is 
the part where you really do have to google up guides for each separate 
distro, as they're all different from each other (even if it's in the 
RedHat or Debian families, they're still different).

(I would have sent this sooner, but I had a family event to go to right 
as I was writing the reply. So much for quick, eh? :) )


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