[lfs-support] Grub Questions (or how to waist yet ... even more ... precious electrons)

Mikie kmb at mikienet.com
Sat Sep 1 16:38:51 PDT 2012

>Bruce et al are trying to wrap up a new LFS release and yet they still take the time to try to help you. Frankly, I'm surprised.


Well Bruce and Ben and Elly and everyone else ... thank you for all your help.
... and thanks for making LFS and supporting it.

But I just want to point out how it works in most lists and how I assumed it works here.

Someone asks a question to the list and if one is busy ... someone else who is listening, and has time, will answer ...
... or no one will answer which is ok too.

I won't be offended if I get no response to my question ... but I do when someone takes time to respond claiming to not have time or that I am waisting the lists time or generating too many emails and rather than answer the question berate me for not Googling enough.

If you have no time to read or reply ... no problem.

Just saying it's a system that works.

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