[lfs-support] Boot message log location

Mikie kmb at mikienet.com
Sat Sep 1 13:34:31 PDT 2012

>I've noticed a flood of messages cause of your script. People build scripts when they know what is going on with their project. And they know how to troubleshoot it. It's hard to trouble shoot user scripts as there are many ways to build and have the same outcome. For instance, we have never seen your script. Second, you don't seem to know how to figure out the issue, 


>William Harrington

I found that devtmpfs is indeed not checked by default (even though I could almost swear it was) so thanks to all of you for your help.

>Hard to build a script when you aren't sure what is going on with the build system.
So far it has not been hard to build the script since I have a lot of Windows programming and scripting experience.

> Know the build system then build your scripts.
Look ... I don't want to start another flame war but ...
This is my third attempt at working with LFS.
I started way back in 2002 so I seem to do it every 5 years or so and since I am currently un-employed ... I might as well use the time to accomplish something worthwhile.

I have said this before on this list and I'll say it again.
LFS is a wonderful site for Linux experts who already know a lot of this stuff.
Not so much for the rest of us.
You say "Know the build system" ... how I say?

LFS does not effectively teach this to anyone other than an already Linux expert.
... and please don't complain to me to Google for another site that is more suitable for a beginner cause there ain't no such thing people.

This is the problem when one becomes expertly knowledgeable on a subject as most (if not all) of you are.
You forget that the rest of us simply don't know what you're talking about.

These quick little blerps in the book don't really do anything for us newbie's to intermediates.

Simply typing in these commands manually does not teach anything and is so tedious that it makes the effort in vain.

Therefore I say ... "Let there be Script" .... and there was ... and God knew that it was good ... and it was ... and the people rejoiced!

> ... and third you expect us to figure it out for you with information that is unavailable.
No ... I don't expect you to figure it out nor did I ask you or anyone to figure it out.
I asked where is the log file.
... and I was told there was none because I didn't get far enough to mount a file system to write it ... EUREQA!

I HAVE LEARNED and YOU (the high priests of Linux) have TAUGHT!

I spec of precious knowledge has been given to another human being so that the light of wisdom will go on into the centuries!

Was that really so difficult?

Was it really so painful to exchange three or four emails?

... on an email list that purports to teach?

... Oh cry for the lost electrons!.

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