[lfs-support] LFS Boot Process Details

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 09:46:41 PDT 2012

Feuerbacher, Alan wrote:
> I'd like some clarification of the boot process after installing
> LFS.
> My Intel machine has 3 disks:
> /dev/sda (1TB) has WindowsXP on it, and the Master Boot Record. fdisk
> indicates that its only partition is marked boot.
> /dev/sdb (500GB) has a Debian installation with 3 partitions,
> including Linux swap, with the 1st partition marked by fdisk as
> boot.
> /dev/sdc (300GB) has LFS (in the process of being installed), has a
> bunch of partitions for /, /boot, swap, /usr and so forth, with the
> /boot partition /dev/sdc5 marked by fdisk as boot.
> When I boot the system now (with LFS GRUB not yet installed) I get
> Debian's boot loader, which gives me a choice of Debian and Windows.
> After I install LFS GRUB and reboot, what should I expect to see? How
> does GRUB figure out where to put its new boot information?

The easiest way is to not install GRUB at all right now and just edit 
the /boot/grub/grub.cfg file.  Add an entry similar to:

menuentry "BLFS Dev (LFS-SVN), Linux 3.6.2" {
         set root=(hd2,x)
         linux   /boot/vmlinuz-lfs-72(whatever you named it) 
root=/dev/sdcx ro

Change x to your desired root partition and use the name of the kernel file

You may have to do some things to remove any eye candy that is in the 
.cfg file.  Just comment out anything about themes, etc.  The only thing 
you really need is

set default=(whatever is the default now)
set timeout=5

any 'ins' statements

any 'set root' statements

any  menuentry blocks.

   -- Bruce

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