[lfs-support] Best Linux Version for LFS?

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Wed Oct 10 10:31:31 PDT 2012

On Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 04:57:15PM +0000, Feuerbacher, Alan wrote:
> Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> > > What do you and other LFS developers tend to use?
> > 
> > LFS :)
> LOL! Now that you've bootstrapped yourselves, you stick with it. :-)
> Thanks for your help.
> Alan
 For my development systems (two desktops, ech with a 500GB disk) I
use 8 GB each for '/' partitions (six of them) - some people might
find that space a bit small, but all my sources are on an nfs mount
from my server, and a *full* LFS-7.2 desktop build is only using
58% of a system fs after two rounds of firefox updates.  Also swap
(varying amounts - I keep hoping to play with s2ram and s2disk,
although there isn't much need on a desktop), /boot [ I've wasted
1GB for that on the current disk, but I put it on the inside of the
disk (sda15) - slow, but only accessed when I boot and when I save a
new kernel].

 On the current box (used for photo editing when I have the time)
/home is 60GB and theoretically backed up (i.e. it gets backed up 4
times a day if the box is up, but I'm not convinced that my backups
can accomodate 60GB for it :)  The rest of the space is at /scratch
and used for development builds / testing package builds, git pulls
from a few projects, and AV processing (more so on the other box).

 There are lots of different ways to partition.

 With distros, the things you need to watch out for are:

Living on the bleeding edge (you might like it, but from time to
time it will break) vs using antiquated versions.

All distros think they own /boot : this will make updating kernels
fun if more than one distro (or LFS+distro) is involved.

Distros use different user numbers (debian-derived distros probably
use similar numbers, redhat/fedora-derived distros use a different
set of similar numbers), and have their own ideas about which
group(s) users belong in - this occasionally creates some amusement
when you share /home.

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