[lfs-support] Best Linux Version for LFS?

Feuerbacher, Alan AFeuerbacher at ALLEGROMICRO.com
Wed Oct 10 09:22:46 PDT 2012

Bruce Dubbs wrote:

> > Currently I have Windows7 installed on a 180G SSD, as well as several
> > 1-3TB hard drives.
> A waste of HW.

Why? I use one big drive for audio and video stuff, another for general backups, and want yet another to put the Linuxes on. The separate one for Linux is for convenience if I want to remove all of it easily. Am I not seeing something?

And I'm enough pissed off at Windows7 right now that I'm seriously thinking of getting rid of it and sticking with some version of Linux.

> Compared to what you have, LFS/BLFS takes very few resources.  Just a
> few partitions:
> . . .
> Of course most of this could be combined into one or perhaps two
> partitions, but separating things out is useful for testing multiple
> builds.

That's kind of what I thought.

I'd like to try out Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint as a start, and perhaps others as I gain experience. Does it matter which of these I end up with for LFS purposes? Is one more friendly to LFS than others?


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