[lfs-support] Best Linux Version for LFS?

Feuerbacher, Alan AFeuerbacher at ALLEGROMICRO.com
Wed Oct 10 08:52:42 PDT 2012

I recently put together my personal computer for general purposes, but also to play around with various Linux versions and LFS. It's a fairly high end machine with a near-top Intel Core7 processor, 32G of memory and plenty of space in the case for extra hard drives. Currently I have Windows7 installed on a 180G SSD, as well as several 1-3TB hard drives.

What would be a good hardware setup for playing around with LFS, BLSF and so forth, in terms of more hard drives? How about Linux versions? Are there any good resources that discuss these things?

I understand that asking about Linux versions can generate a lot of "discussion", but I'd like to know from you guys who play with this all the time what your idea of a nice setup would be. Things like number of hard drives where one or more Linuxes live, partitioning and so on.


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