[lfs-support] [Query] - Pre-requities - LiveCD 7.2 ?

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 08:22:09 PDT 2012

san wrote:

> I have planned to start Linux from scratch using your guides. I have gone
> through few pages and it's very interesting!
> So I have planned to implement the same in my system as well. But here I got
> problem before I start ..
> This could be basic question but could not find the solution anywhere L
> I have found that LiveCD6.3 is the latest and no more updates after that. So
> how can I start LiveCD7.2 Book ? As, I do not have updated version CD.
> Can I use the existing OS to implement the same ? or can I update the file
> required to LiveCD6.3 and make to the level of LiveCD7.2 ?

Section 1.1, Paragraph 1.  First sentence.

You can also try http://cross-lfs.org/~kb0iic/livecdupd/

   -- Bruce

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