[lfs-support] How is 'dev/pts' created (or not)?

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 19:31:48 PST 2012

alex lupu wrote:
> I was at kernel 3.6.1 and udev 182
> Life was beautiful.
> I upgraded to udev 195.
> '/dev/pts' is no longer created.
> Same situation if now I go to 3.6.6 or 3.6.7.
> Strangely, I my new machine that I'm trying to get it off the ground
> 'dev/pts' has also disappeared (kernel 3.6.7 BUT udev 182!).
> Before troubleshooting, I'm figuring maybe it'd be useful to know
> how and where '/dev/pts' used to be created (during 'udevd' running?, etc.).
> I see the empty directory '/lib/udev/devices/pts' sitting there
> chomping at the bit for somebody to stop by and use it to (somehow)
> create a device '/dev/pts'.  But nobody comes anymore.
> Any constructive comments will be highly appreciated.

mount -t devpts devpts /dev/pts -o gid=5,mode=775

should do it.

Do you have it in /etc/fstab:

devpts   /dev/pts   devpts gid=5,mode=775   0     0

I'm pretty sure udev has nothing to do with mounting /dev/pts.

   -- Bruce

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