[lfs-support] How is 'dev/pts' created (or not)?

alex lupu alupu01 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 19:10:39 PST 2012

Hi Ken:

Thank you very much, considering that it must be
cold and late out there!

> Looking at last week's 3.7-rc, I suggest
> config UNIX98_PTYS
>        bool "Unix98 PTY support" if EXPERT
 >       default y

> Looks as if you need to select Expert mode (i.e. 'embedded') to
> deselect it - unless you edited .config.

Maybe I'm not an "expert" and I didn't quite understand your "drift":

1.  In '.config' I had UNIX98_PTYS=y all along.
2.  in 'make menuconfig' I went in General Setup
and I made myself an expert.
3.  In devices -> character
I found Unix98 PTY now available for change:  [Y]
(before it was just pre-selected (ordained?) for you)
4.  Optionally,
make oldconfig
5 make and make_install
6 Reboot

Same (unfortunate) result:
NO /dev/pty

('mountfs' never misses to remind you of that!)

As I said, maybe you want me to go somewhere deeper
(bool, default, etc.).  In that case please give me more
non-expert details.

Thanks again and Good night,
-- Alex

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