[lfs-support] I'm rc interactively confused

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 19:26:20 PST 2012

alex lupu wrote:
> In the process of trying to stop the boot sequence right after VFS
> (different story), I took a closer look at '/etc/rc.d/init.d/rc' workings:
> 1.  I created a file '/etc/sysconfig/rc.site':
> IPROMPT="yes"
> itime=10

That's correct.

> 2.  In '/etc/rc.d/init.d/rc', right after
> read -t "${itime}" -n 1 interactive 2>&1 > /dev/null
>      (before "fi"), I inserted these three lines:
> echo runlevel: $runlevel
> echo interactive: $interactive
> interactive=I
>   1. The above "interactive=I" was needed to force an answer read (key I)
>   because the second line display told me there was no read.

$interactive is not set until the read command completes.  It shouldn't 
need to be set in the script.

>   2. My keyboard and mouse are USB
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> RESULT on the screen:
> runlevel: S
> interactive:
> Run /etc/rc.d/rcS.d/S00mountvirtfs start (Yes/no/continue)?
> At this point the machine is unresponsive.

I don't know why it would be unresponsive.  Line 58 should be:

read -p "Run ${1} ${2} (Yes/no/continue)? " -n 1 runit

which actually only needs one character: c, n, or y.  Any other 
character should reprompt.  When I wrote this over a year ago it tested 
out OK, but I haven't received any feedback about it until now.

 From the two issues, it sounds like the keyboard is not being 
recognized.  The only thing I can think of is that there is a kernel 
issue.  There is nothing between the kernel and the rc script.

   -- Bruce

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