[lfs-support] check 0.9.9 (5.13) fails

Tobias Gasser lfs at ebp-gasser.ch
Mon Nov 12 12:14:04 PST 2012

Am 12.11.2012 19:10, schrieb Bruce Dubbs:

> check is only built in Chapter 5 and you don't mention your host system.

lfs/blfs about 3 weeks old

>    I've seen the error before in BLFS and figured it was a mismatch in
> autotools and used something similar to your workaround above.

i use a global DESTDIR=xy which works fine on most packages. but with 
some packages i have to specify 'make DESTDIR=xy install' as the global 
variable seems to be overwritten somewhere. after hours of searching i 
gave up to understand why this happens...

with gcc i tried to find out why the french langauge files are built. i 
set LANGUAGE=de and LINGUAS="de de_CH de_DE en en_GB" global in the 
profile. most packages do as expected, some just ignore it and build 
everything (--enable-nls) or nothing (--disable-nls), but gcc is very 
special by buildint as expected the local/de but adds the french 
language at least back until version 4.4. (i tried with de,it and got 
de,it plus fr)


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