[lfs-support] LFS 6.8 Chapter 6 Section 6.12 (Binutils)

Lázaro Morales lazaro at frioclima.com.cu
Thu Mar 29 09:50:26 PDT 2012


After test the PTYs I get the next error:

     The system has no more ptys.
     Ask your system administrator to create more.

That is fine, then I continued to remove the `standards.info` file, all  
right, but when I going to execute the `sed` command then I get the error:

root:/# sed -i.bak '/^INFO/s/standards.info //' etc/Makefile.in
sed: Can't read etc/Makefile.in: No such file or directory

And that is right the file really don't exist there:

root:/# ls
group	     ld.so.conf	mtab			opt	rpc
ld.so.cache  localtime	nsswitch.conf	passwd

Where should be the file?

Thanks in advance,

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