[lfs-support] New development live CD

Eleanore Boyd cara117 at cox.net
Wed Mar 28 15:09:59 PDT 2012

On 3/28/2012 11:54 AM, Philippe Delavalade wrote:
> Le mercredi 28 mars à 04:20, Eleanore Boyd a écrit :
>> I spent my spring break cobbling together a live CD based on Ubuntu
>> 10.04 that has been stripped down a great deal. It can compile LFS with
>> minimal problems, and has a console-based browser and a very lightweight
>> GUI browser to view offline copies of the LFS book or to go to the site
>> and read online. Currently the window manager and GUI is gnome (though I
>> may strip it out and only have X.Org running - it might shrink the size
>> even farther). It also has QEMU, and Qemulator as a GUI interface for
>> configuration. If anyone wants to suggest anything to add or subtract,
>> I'll see about working it in without entirely destroying the system. If
>> you want the iso, tell me where to upload it as I otherwise don't know
>> how you're going to get it.............
> Hi.
> Being blind, I'm interested in accessibility ; so, is brltty on the livecd
> ? Is it possible to start it from the boot ? Is there a beep (or something
> like that) to inform a blind user it's time to enter boot options ?
> Thanks for informations on that subject. The previous lfs-livecd  (2130 I
> think) was perfect.
............no. I happen to not be impaired in any way like that, so 
having the accessibility options on the livecd only wasted space. 
However, once I can figure out why scp doesn't want to copy my iso file 
to the server, I can make a special version with the accessibility 
options back in and enabled. I'll even label it especially for making it 
clear that it's for people like yourself who want to build LFS, but 
can't see what the terminal is printing out.

And I still have to figure out how to get all of the sources onto it, 
but it seems that I may have accidentally proposed the newest lfs-livecd.


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