[lfs-support] Mountfs bootscript stops shutdown

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 13:44:25 PDT 2012

Fernando de Oliveira wrote:
> --- Em qui, 22/3/12, Bruce Dubbs escreveu:
>> De: Bruce Dubbs
>> Assunto: Re: [lfs-support] Mountfs bootscript stops shutdown
>> Para: "LFS Support List"
>> Data: Quinta-feira, 22 de Março de 2012, 13:20
>> Fernando de Oliveira wrote:
>>> # cat /etc/lfs-release SVN-20120311
>>> As the subject reads, the mountfs bootscript stops
>> shutdown to
>>> complete.
>>> The offending part is
>>> # Make all LVM volume groups unavailable, if
>> appropriate 
>> if [ -x /sbin/vgchange ]; then /sbin/vgchange -an; fi ;;
>>> as I discovered by commenting out, so shutdown went
>> correctly, then.
> Bruce, thanks for your reply.
>> I made that change fairly recently.  I don't know why
>> it would hang your 
>> system.  Could you please provide more details. 
>> What do you have on the 
>> LVM volumes?  swap?
> Nothing, I believe.
>> Under what conditions can you run '/sbin/vgchange -an' from
>> the command 
>> line?

> # /sbin/vgchange -an
>   No volume groups found
> I only wanted device-mapper, as requirement for udisks "(with
> lvm-2.02.67, device-mapper)", and wished to follow book's instructions.
> Perhaps I misread this instruction, and should change to only install
> device-mapper, disabling somehow other pieces of lvm?

I wouldn't think that would be necessary.  If the command runs and 
completes, regardless of an error or not, I don't see what would make 
the shutdown scripts hang.

The way I debug this type of thing is to just put in a few echo 
statements at critical places in the scripts:

echo "A"

echo "B"

etc.  If you want to stop the scripts at a particular point, use:

echo "Stopping at xyz point"

and then continue with a return.

If you are not using lvm, then one way to change the script behavior is 
to merely remove /sbin/vgchange which is a symbolic link to lvm.

   -- Bruce

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