[lfs-support] usb mouse connects=disconnects repeatedly

Martins Gulbis lfs at tentyten.com
Mon Mar 12 05:53:02 PDT 2012

On 3/12/2012 2:38 AM, Andrew Benton wrote:
> Don't have both OHCI and UHCI, use one or the other. Most systems use 
> UHCI, try disabling OHCI. Andy 
When I have only UHCI enabled, it still acts the same.  I have also 
tried only OHCI enabled, UHCI disabled.  There were no 
connect-disconnect events, but running dmesg showed that the system did 
not find the mouse.

The disconnect-connect events are almost exactly one minute apart.  Can 
this possibly be a clue?

Unfortunately, I am not so familiar with usb.  I guess I will now have 
to become more familiar with it, or see if I can just get rid of the 

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