[lfs-support] Q: HOWTO: chainload from GRUB2 on /dev/sdb to GRUB2 on /dev/sda ?

Jeremy Henty onepoint at starurchin.org
Sun Feb 26 12:50:19 PST 2012

My working system  is LFS 6.6 on  /dev/sdb and I have a  brand new LFS
6.7 on /dev/sda .  I would like to chainload from GRUB2 on /dev/sdb to
GRUB2 on /dev/sda .

My first attempt was this entry in /boot/grub/grub.cfg on /dev/sdb:

    menuentry "LFS 6.7" {
            set root=(hd0)
            chainloader +1

... but  that fails immediately - I  see a message from  GRUB and then
almost instantly return  to the main menu.  I  tried removing the "+1"
but then I get "Error,  no file specified, press <Return>"[1], which I
*think* means  that the chainloader  command is complaining  about not
having an argument.

I can boot from  /dev/sda by changing the boot order in  the BIOS so I
know that  GRUB2 is there  and working.  Also,  /boot/grub/grub.cfg on
/dev/sda specifies "root=(hd0)" so  the "root=" line is correct.  What
is going wrong?  Surely there is a way to get GRUB2 to do this.

Thanks in advance for any help,


Jeremy Henty

[1] I  am paraphrasing from memory  so it's not  *exactly* correct but
the gist is right.

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