[lfs-support] ext{3,4}

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 13:47:44 PST 2012

Jim Michmerhuizen wrote:
> I'm about to build LFS, for about the fourth time in six years.  I'm on 
> ubuntu 10.04.4, intent on using a 20GB ext4 partition.
> The manual for LFS-7.0 specifies an ext3 partition.  Is this important 
> enough to make me reformat my /dev/sda11?  

No, you can use ext4, reiserfs, jfs, or xfs.  Perhaps others.  The 
drivers just need to be built into the kernel.  The book just gives an 
example known to not give problems.  We've recently added some text 
about other file systems in the svn version of LFS.

   -- Bruce

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