[lfs-support] Headers in the system's include directory. Still Confused.

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 13:43:07 PST 2012

alupu at verizon.net wrote:

> Q1.  Was I supposed to move the 'linux-x.y.z/include/' files to
>  '/usr/include/' immediately after I installed Glibc?

Actually you did that in section 6.7.

> Q2.  Am I supposed to move the 'linux-x.y.z/include/' files to
>  '/usr/include/' each time after I install a new kernel?


> Q3.  Which is the "system's include directory" - the '/usr/include/'?

For this case, you are referring to /usr/include/linux

> Q4.  "sanitised headers" are those in this (?) Linux kernel tarball
>      against which Glibc was compiled?
>      Glibc is compiled at a certain point in time.  "this" kernel
>      varies almost daily, according to the LFS book and reality.

The kernel varies, but you build glibc against one specific kernel.  The 
programs that are built later need to be consistent with that 
glibc/kernel header combination.

> Q5.  What's the "raw kernel headers"?

The headers in /mnt/lfs/sources/linux/include/.

> Q6.  What's the "other kernel sanitized headers"?

The kernel headers are created from the raw headers with 'make 
headers_install'.  Don't do that when upgrading the kernel and not 
upgrading glibc.

> Q7.  Is there a difference between "sanitised" and "sanitized" headers?
>      (this is _just a joke_ - so bear with me, I've been in a silly mood
>      once I saw 'udev-181' run so smoothly)

Americans and British are separated by a common language.

   -- Bruce

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