[lfs-support] automated lfs package-user

Drew Ames jxa127 at verizon.net
Mon Feb 20 08:15:17 PST 2012

On 02/15/2012 10:02 AM, John Burrell wrote:
>> I started one
>> https://github.com/Firerat/FR-Automated-LFS_BLFS
> snip
>> Oh, the LFS script only does chapters 5 and 6
>> but please, feel free to have a look and improve on it
>> --
>> Firerat
>> Talented, Witty And Thoughtful .. is how most describe me.(how does your Mother describe you!)
> Thanks, I'll give it a try.
> jb.
I'll give it a try too. I've built LFS twice now with package users. 
When 7.1 comes out, I'll try automating it.

Should we use this thread to report results, etc?


P.S. I've shared this before (and gotten great responses from folks on 
this list) but here's a link to my build notes for LFS with package users:


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