[lfs-support] status report about the nouveau driver

Alain Toussaint alain.toussaint at securivm.ca
Mon Feb 6 19:28:25 PST 2012

Hello everyone,
	I still haven't done chapter 6 of the book but in preparation, I tried
to test a git kernel (v3.3.0-rc2) along with the git sources of the
nouveau driver for my nvidia card according to the instructions there:

http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/InstallDRM (section 1.2 in

I also went ahead installing the latest version of the xorg-server
software (version 1.11.4), xf86-video-nouveau (git sources from an hour
ago) and the result is that the xorg-server sometime spin in an infinite
loop after anything from startup to 35 minutes after having started up
(listening to House,MD dvd's prove to be a good test for the stability
of the X server).

the error occur at random and isn't found in my latest log (cmdline:
startx &>nouveau.log.txt) but the rest of the kernel run fine because i
press the power button normally (i.e. not holding it for 4 seconds) and
the kernel initiate an acpi shutdown event on lockup.

for the next test, I will try a stock 3.3.0-rc2 kernel (sans the nouveau
git source) and report back. this will happen either tomorrow or during
next week-end.


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