[lfs-support] Boot message log location

Mikie kmb at mikienet.com
Fri Aug 31 12:43:22 PDT 2012

>A last thought : if you didn't build the correct disk drivers
>into* the kernel (NOT as modules), that can also cause this sort of problem.  This is where the a Live CD can be useful: they build everything as modules, using an initrd, so 'lsmod' will tell you which modules were actually installed for your hardware.


I'm using a dell optiplex 755 which I assume needs a standard SATA or IDE driver.

When I was in menuconfig for the kernel I used all defaults.
On my only successful build to boot ... I went looking for devtmpfs and it was checked by default so since then I have never changed any default settings when configuring the kernel build.

I will look into the other suggestions.

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