[lfs-support] Boot message log location

Mikie kmb at mikienet.com
Fri Aug 31 08:53:27 PDT 2012

Another thing I see is that when I boot to a live CD and run fdisk I tried to delete the 2nd partition (host system) to see if it was the issue.
Last build of LFS I was able to boot no problem and I had deleted /dev/sda2 at the end of chapter 9 ... but this time I didn't.

But back to what I was saying ...

When I run Fdisk, delete the 2nd part, and hit w to write ... it says:

Calling ioctl() to re-read partition table.

WARNING: Re-reading the partition table failed with error code 16: Device or resource busy.
The kernel still uses the old table. The new table will be used at the next reboot or after you run partprobe(8) or kpartx(8).
Syncing disks.

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