[lfs-support] LFS Bootup Sequence/etc

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Thu Aug 30 18:19:35 PDT 2012

Baho Utot wrote:
> On 08/30/2012 08:41 PM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> Baho Utot wrote:
>>> On 08/30/2012 05:28 PM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:

>>> /run was in place so the only thing missing, was it was on the root file
>>> system on the ssd, it just was not mounted in tmpfs.
>>> Why should that cause an error?
>> The very first command of the first boot script is:
>> # Make sure /run/var is available before logging any messages
>> if ! mountpoint /run >/dev/null; then
>>             mount -n /run || failed=1
>> fi
> Ok but I am still not clear as to why it needs to be a mount point.
> It would work just the same as if it was not or is it required by the
> kernel, that it be tmpfs?

You are free to change it if you want.  However, virtually all other 
distros use it AFAIK.  Note that some applications may become confused 
if items from a previous boot are left in /run.  Also, if /run is on the 
root partition, things will not go well because there will be attempts 
to write to a (generally) read only partition.  One point of /run is to 
give a writable location early in the boot process.

>> Do you have

> I mount /tmp as tmpfs so that points to that it is indeed set.

OK, then it's set.

> The default config gets me a login prompt and for now that is OK.

I don't know what you've done (or not done).  Use /etc/sysconfig/rc.site 
and set IPROMPT="yes" and then step through the boot scripts.

   -- Bruce

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