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Mike Johnston mkejohnston at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 28 14:05:02 PDT 2012

Maybe I'm dense here, but the Util-Linux doesn't have a fsck.ext2 or fsck.ext3 in it's list of programs installed.  Which module installs an fsck capable of ext2/3 filesystems?

When I built Util-linux I didn't get a fsck.ext2 or ext3.  I only saw those if I left the --disable-fsck off the e2fsprogs configure.

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Mike Johnston wrote:
> So I built util-linux-2.20.1 and it has fsck, fsck.minix.
> Building e2fs the command line in the 7.1 book has the
> "--disable-fsck" flag in the configure.  This prevents the ext2/3/4
> from being built.
> The list of installed programs lower in the book shows them being
> installed. I'm just not sure how that can be if we didn't build
> them.

That appears to be left over from earlier versions.  The comment in the e2fsprogs text is correct:


    This prevents E2fsprogs from building and installing the libuuid and libblkid libraries, the uuidd daemon, and the fsck wrapper, as Util-Linux installed all of them earlier."

  -- Bruce
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