[lfs-support] lfs tool chain technique LFS-7.1

Emerson Yesupatham yemerson1976 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 27 11:40:31 PDT 2012

Haid wrote:
>>Hi Emerson,

>>Thank your feedback, Emerson.

>>I think I should correct you first. After binutils-2.22-Pass1 in Chapter 5
>>LFS 7.1, binutils are NOT picked up from the /tools directory:
Emerson: In my previous mail I had shown my GCC pass 1 configure logs. I am
putting it again here:

configure:10881: checking for ar
configure:10914: result: no

Emerson: On the above two lines,  my point is, GCC pass 1 configure is
not picking 'ar' from either of HOST or from binutils. As it is not able to
pick "ar" from HOST (/usr/bin/) as per the command you had shown below. If
it had picked it should have not printed "result:no" right?

>>lfs:/mnt/lfs$ which is ld
>>which: no is in (/tools/bin:/bin:/usr/bin)

configure:10992: checking for i686-lfs-linux-gnu-ar
configure:11008: found /tools/bin//i686-lfs-linux-gnu-ar
configure:11019: result: i686-lfs-linux-gnu-ar
Emerson: On the above three lines, my understanding is that, since it
is not picking  "ar", it tires for LFS_TGT-ar and finds it. So the ar
program used for GCC pass 1 is from binutils pass 1 right?

I would like to know based on what configure program decides on
using i686-lfs-linux-gnu-* (ar,nm, ld ) etc and why it shows result:no for
standard ar, nm,ld etc?

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