[lfs-support] E2fsprogs in section 2.3 of 7.2-rc1

Jim Michmerhuizen jamzen at michmer.net
Sat Aug 25 13:15:56 PDT 2012

I'm building under ubuntu 12.04 installed on a VirtualBox.  There are 
two partitions, /dev/sda1 for the ubuntu build system, /dev/sda5 for the 
target lfs.  Both of them are formatted ext4.

	debugfs -R feature /dev/sda5

reported extra features:

Reluctant to build a whole new e2fsprogs, I consulted /etc/mke2fs.conf, 
and it appeared that, at least so far as the ubuntu team is concerned, 
the features above differentiate an ext4 from an ext3 filesystem.

So I reformatted /dev/sda5 as an ext3.  'debugfs' now reports a leaner 
feature set for /dev/sda5. It satisfies the constraints of the section 
2.3 note.

Could I have gone ahead with the ext4 partition and its extra features? 
  Bruce said, back in February, that ext3/4 shouldn't make a difference. 
  But doesn't the section 2.3 note imply that it *does* (or at least 
*might* ) make a difference?

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