[lfs-support] chapter 6, re-adjusting toolchain

William Harrington berzerkula at cox.net
Mon Aug 20 12:56:46 PDT 2012

On Aug 19, 2012, at 14:44 PM, Garrett Gaston wrote:

> `/tools/bin/ld' -> `/tools/bin/ld-old'
> `/tools/i686-pc-linux-gnu/bin/ld' -> `/tools/i686-pc-linux-gnu/bin/ 
> ld-old'
> mv: cannot stat `/tools/bin/ld-new': No such file or directory
> This is from some of the fist commands on 6.10, I thought I was  
> following everything, clearly I've missed something. Any ideas?

In the book at binutils pass2, ld-new is created after make install.



William Harrington

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