[lfs-support] Perl-5.16.1 test failures in Ch 6 SVN-20120816

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Sun Aug 19 16:04:49 PDT 2012

On Sun, Aug 19, 2012 at 07:38:39PM +0100, Richard Melville wrote:
> Failed 2 tests out of 2202, 99.91% okay.
>     ../cpan/IO-Compress/t/105oneshot-zip-only.t
>     ../cpan/Time-Local/t/Local.t
> I'm guessing that this is not a problem.  Any views appreciated.
> Richard

 Part of the b0rken tzdata installation (correct times, including
leap seconds, in zoneinfo instead of zoneinfo/right, missing the
vanilla (posix) files in zoneinfo and zoneinfo/posix, also missing
posixrules).  All these things used to be hidden within glibc, but
at least we're reaching a stage where we can update the timezones
(for changes, e.g. to DST) without rebuilding glibc.

 In both of theoe tests, the result (in seconds) is 1 different from
the expected result.

 At one time, I used to recommend that anyone using the -svn book
should follow the -dev list.

 In this case, I'd appreciate your comments (this list will do) on
automake (if you are testing it) - on a completed system, 1.12 and
later give me about 4 errors as a regular user (I'd still like to
get to grips with those, one day).  In a system which boots, but
where I've gone back to chroot, and in my results during regular
chroot, I get more than 80 failures when running the tests as root.
Most of them in t/instspc.tap.

 I tried running the tests as a regular user (as I say, I've booted
the system once), using chown me * in the automake directory (with
1.12.3 - the sed is not appropriate for .3) - it had a few errors,
but all the instspc.tap tests look as if they either PASSed of
XFAILed.  Unfortunately, this was unlogged and scrolled out of my
term's buffer - it then died with an EPERM trying to create
test-suite.log.tmp so I've now started it again, after chown me

 BTW - thanks for running the tests, and looking at the results!
(I often run them, but unless the package version has changed I
don't often get round to looking at new failures - basically, I
don't have a high regard for testsuites).

das eine Mal als Tragödie, das andere Mal als Farce

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