[lfs-support] Stuck at Bash 5.16

Mikie kmb at mikienet.com
Fri Aug 17 07:18:42 PDT 2012

>Dear, you do realize that if you had read the page describing the host requirements first, you would not have landed in this predicament? And even so, you do realize that most of the people on the list prefer that you do a little more to help yourself first before asking for help? It's not hard to look up errors for yourself, especially if you are in some sort of gui environment. Plus, it helps you learn how to do it for yourself when we're not around to help. After all, the book was originally intended to aid in learning how a basic Linux system works. 
It's simply been expanded.


you must all realize that many of us "Beginners" are just that.
With the first second even third attempt at LFS, we don't understand what we are reading.

As far as I am now, I get the concept of packages needed and I know how to apt-get them and I do spend about 20 minutes or so googling ...
... but if you don't know what your googling for then the results set are useless.

A lot of people who are experts at something forget what it's like to be a beginner.

Now when I go back and re-read the packages needed ... it make sense.

The fact is, we beginners will continue to miss things even though they are in the book.

It's not s perfect world and we all learn from mistakes.
If we didn't make them ... we wouldn't be beginners.

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