[lfs-support] How processor-specific is a standard LFS build?

Eleanore Boyd cara117 at cox.net
Fri Aug 17 05:53:38 PDT 2012

On 8/17/2012 4:26 AM, Peter Dickinson wrote:
> I'm building LFS 7.1. I'm building it using a host machine that is a 
> current model, but I would like the LFS build to be compatible with as 
> wide a range of x86 32-bit computers as possible. I've noticed that 
> the build process appears to be sensitive to the processor type of the 
> host machine, and produces files that include a target triplet 
> "i686-pc-linux-gnu". I'm wondering whether this build will be 
> compatible with earlier generation processors, and if not whether it 
> can be adjusted to make it compatible?
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That would depend on how far back you're interested in going, and how 
much you're willing to look into it. For compatibility with most things, 
you would be interested in getting a "i386-pc-linux-gnu" target triplet, 
which might involve getting older packages, or setting some options in 
the environment prior to building anything.

On a side note, to be compatible with almost all IBM based computers, I 
think you're looking at getting, say, "i086-pc-linux-gnu" or 
"i186-pc-linux-gnu" as those would correspond to the earliest days of 
the Intel instruction set.

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