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William Harrington berzerkula at cox.net
Wed Aug 15 15:37:37 PDT 2012

On Aug 15, 2012, at 16:06 PM, Michael Robinson wrote:

> I plan on running my LFS system NFS root.  Are there special boot time
> scripts that are meant for NFS root?  I'm building LFS for booting via
> PXE, so I plan on skipping installation of grub.  The purpose of this
> Linux system is to facilitate bare metal recovery.  Has anyone gotten
> Mondo Backup to work with LFS?  Are there better options?

Hello Michael,

I've used NFS root during CLFS mips, sparc, and x86 builds, and pxe  
for x86
with rootnfs isn't difficult. Enable the ip autolevel options in the  
kernel config and
enable root over nfs options. Then when you setup your kernel boot  
line add the
approrpiate kernel options like: root=/dev/nfs ip=dhcp

look at the kernel parameters documentation for other ip options.

Should be no other configuration required. Of course I'm assuming  
your nfs server is already setup, you can figure that out.  There's a  
hint we use at cross-lfs when netbooting with x86 or sparc.


You should be able to boot your LFS system wihtout any system changes.

Rather than the system loading the kernel from a drive, it loads it  
from the network and the rootfs is mounted and then the system takes  
over and the rest is just like using LFS via the local hard drive.  
make sure your /etc/fstab is proper on the server before doing this.

I think that the / line will be /  /dev/nfsroot or some such.

Probably find more in some netbooting guides that are current.   
Remembering from memory, i may be missing some critical changes in  
fstab or the bootscripts.


William Harrington

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