[lfs-support] upgrading 2-year-old sys

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed Aug 15 12:33:25 PDT 2012

x yyyyyy wrote:
> Hi!
> I had been using LFS for half a year until I realized that keeping it
> up-to-date is a pain. I feel I'd like to have some hard work again:),
> so now I'm trying to upgrade that system. As far as I know It could
> be a failure, but definately not an easy task... I'm confused about
> how to upgrade the toolchain. I believe constructing a temp. system
> can be skipped, as I have a functional LFS. I'm doing the "project"
> chrooting into LFS. I have updated the arithmetic packages that gcc
> need, and binutils. Ok, to make it short I don't know the order of
> the packages to update.
> Any clue would be appreciated!

Why do you want to upgrade?  Is something not working or do you just 
want the latest of each package.

You can basically use any of the instructions in LFS Chapter 6 to 
overwrite most packages.  The biggest problem is updating glibc.  When 
you need to do that, we recommend you just rebuild a new system.  Don't 
update the linux headers.  They need to be the same ones used to build 

Personally, I don't update unless I have a specific need.  I have a 
separate system for LFS development.

Also for BLFS packages, it can be a problem to update something like 
xorg while the current system is in use unless you use a different 
prefix like /opt/xorg-xx instead of /usr.

   -- Bruce

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