[lfs-support] Dazed and Confused

Mikie kmb at mikienet.com
Wed Aug 15 11:54:04 PDT 2012

Hello all,

I am at 5.8 Adjusting the Tools chain.

... and I am really confused.

Here is the command:

SPECS=`dirname $($LFS_TGT-gcc -print-libgcc-file-name)`/specs
 $LFS_TGT-gcc -dumpspecs | sed \
 -e 's@/lib\(64\)\?/ld@/tools&@g' \
 -e "/^\*cpp:$/{n;s,$, -isystem /tools/include,}" > $SPECS
 echo "New specs file is: $SPECS"
 unset SPECS

Now I am a beginner here but this looks like we construct an external SPECS file (the internal one is compiled with GCC ???? is that right??).

Where is this file?

When I run it I get New specs file is: $SPECS as if the $SPECS variable is null.

I remain confused.

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