[lfs-support] upgrading 2-year-old sys

x yyyyyy mailinglists00 at freemail.hu
Wed Aug 15 11:28:13 PDT 2012


I had been using LFS for half a year until I realized that keeping it up-to-date is a pain. I feel I'd like to have some hard work again:), so now I'm trying to upgrade that system.
As far as I know It could be a failure, but definately not an easy task... 
I'm confused about how to upgrade the toolchain. I believe constructing a temp. system can be skipped, as I have a functional LFS. 
I'm doing the "project" chrooting into LFS. I have updated the arithmetic packages that gcc need, and binutils. Ok, to make it short I don't know the order of the packages to update. 

Any clue would be appreciated! 

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