[lfs-support] Help with GCC Compile Pass 1 errors

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 09:10:16 PDT 2012

Richard Melville wrote:
>> Just went through this step in linux mint 32bit in vmware and found
>>> no issues.
>>> That's because it's an intermittent bug.  I've just had the same
>>> problem using Linux Mint Cinnamon 64 bit.  Sometimes the error
>>> message appears and sometimes it doesn't.  If you look back through
>>> the posts in the mailing list you will see that a number of people
>>> have experienced this bug irrespective of host used.

>> If the person does make again, does the system continue to build?
>> If so, what is their MAKEFLAGS setting or are they using make -j 2 or
>> 4 or 6 or 8?
>> If not, do they have to remove the gcc build and gcc source
>> directories, then reextract gcc, then extract gmp, mpfr, mpc in the
>> gcc source tree then create gcc-build then reconfigure? And then does
>> that make it work?

> My error message was on pass 2; pass 1 worked as expected, but looking at
> the posts it seems to make no difference; it appears to be random.
> I tried running make again but it failed at the same place -- MPC configure
> couldn't find the MPFR libraries even though they were there.
> I've tried with, and without, make -j 2.
> It took me five attempts to get GCC to build;  I tried removing all traces
> of GCC, reextracting, and trying again with no success.  On one occasion,
> in desperation, I copied and pasted all the commands to remove the
> possibility of an error introduced by me, but still no success. Finally, I
> left the computer running and had a break.  I returned and tried again and
> bingo -- GCC compiled.  I'm at a loss to explain why MPC configure finally
> found the MPFR libraries when it couldn't find them before.
> To sum up -- whatever I did to try and make the compilation of GCC succeed
> had absolutely no affect.  On the fifth attempt when it did succeed I had
> removed all traces of GCC, reextracted, and run configure and make, exactly
> as I had in some previous failed attempts.

I have a lot of doubt that this build problem is random.  That just 
doesn't make sense in the absence of an intermittent HW error.  The way 
to isolate the problem is to create a short script of the commands used 
and run that, capturing the output to a log.  Posting the script and the 
appropriate part of the log (certainly not all of it) gives us a chance 
to review what you've done.

   -- Bruce

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