[lfs-support] Why system accounts bin, nobody not in locked status?

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 08:53:34 PDT 2012

xinglp wrote:
> When I try to login my lfs with user name sshd. I found this message
> in /var/log/auth.log .
> Aug 13 15:05:10 lfs_xxx sshd[5674]: User sshd not allowed because
> account is locked
> But when I use bin and nobody, I didn't get this message. And there
> are some different in /etc/shadow .
> root::15564:0:99999:7:::
> bin:x:15564:0:99999:7:::
> nobody:x:15564:0:99999:7:::
> sshd:!:15564:0:99999:7:::
> apache:!:15564:0:99999:7:::
> fcron:!:15564:0:99999:7:::
> mysql:!:15564:0:99999:7:::

Yes, it's normal.  ! says the account is locked.  x says the account 
password has not been set.  Note that you have a null password for root. 
  I sometimes do that, but not for very long.

   -- Bruce

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