[lfs-support] Installing 'Binutils' -- './configure' No such file or directory

chen wang wangvsa at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 19:04:10 PDT 2012

2012/8/7 Christopher Adams <christopher.w.adams at gmail.com>
> I unpacked the 'binutils-2.17.tar.bz2' package, then I created the
> '../binutils-build' directory, and changed to it; but I got the following
> error message when I tried to run './configure':
> bash: ./configure: No such file or directory
There is a 'configure' script in the 'binutils-2.17' directory; should I
> run the './configure' command in that directory, or is there some other
> step I'm missing?
since you are in the "binutils-build" diectory,you should run

 Also, I'm a bit confused by the options for './configure':
> CC="gcc -B/usr/bin/" ../binutils-2.17/configure --prefix=/tools
> --disable-nls --disable-werror
just like Moffat said, this command overrid CC in the environmnet, and the
book has told you why to do this.

> I assume that this line is placed where the ellipsis occurs in the 'time'
> command. If not, when should I enter it?
> Chris Adams
> no, this line does not have to placed in the 'time' command.
to my sely , i hardly ever use 'time' command except the first time.
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