[lfs-support] LFS-BOOK-7.0: Section 6.22: E2fsprogs - Test failure

Emerson Yesupatham yemerson1976 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 5 03:18:24 PDT 2012

Hi Team,

I am seeing a test fauilure in LFS-Boot-7.0, Section 6.22

Out of 107 tests, 1 test got failed.

I have checked the reference test logs present at
all the 107 tests are passed here.

I greped for "fail" in my test log and found the following:

>>d_loaddump: debugfs load/dump test: ok
>>e_brel_bma: block relocation table using the memory array implementation:
*>>e_icount_normal: inode counting abstraction optimized for storing inode
counts: failed <<
*>>*diff: expect: No such file or directory<<
*>>e_icount_opt: inode counting abstraction optimized for counting: ok

Is the failure realted to diff/expect tools? Any inputs please.

I have ignored this failure and proceeded till 6.41 (Gettext),  so far I
have not faced any issues so wondering whether the above failure will
impact in any of the future sections or I can safely proceed further.

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