[lfs-support] PS1 for user lfs

Philippe Delavalade philippe.delavalade at orange.fr
Fri Apr 20 15:16:08 PDT 2012

Le vendredi 20 avril à 23:51, Bruce Dubbs a écrit :
> Everything except PS1 seems OK.

it's to complicated for me :-)

> Did you do 4.3:  `su - lfs` 

Yes, sure ! I tried three times ; the first time, I thought I forgot some
thing ; so I ran `userdel` and `groupdel` and began again, this two times
but the result is always the same.

> The dash is needed.  PS1 is not normally set when 
> starting a login shell.  We set it explicitly.  In a non-login shell, it needs 
> to be reset every time, usually by setting it in ~/.bashrc.

yes, that's what I do for the other users but with user lfs, I follow
always exactly the book and use cut/paste for commands to avoid any typo.

While mailing on the list with you, I configure, compiled and intalled
binutils and gcc (pass 1) without any problem.

Ph. Delavalade

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