[lfs-support] Ncurses compilation during the Temp Tools stage

Эмиль Кранц bl8r1ner at tut.by
Sun Apr 8 14:33:15 PDT 2012

Well, here is the snippet of ncurses configure script. All book
instructions were followed to the letter.
Fresh install, host is BLFS-7.0
./configure --prefix=/tools --with-shared \
    --without-debug --without-ada --enable-overwrite
checking for default model... shared
checking if you want to bchecking if you want to build libraries with
libtool... no
checking if you want to build shared libraries... yes
checking if you want to build static libraries... yes
checking if you want to build debug libraries... no
checking if you want to build profiling libraries... no
checking for specified models...  shared normal
checking for default model... shared
checking if you want to build a separate terminfo library... no
checking if you want to build a separate tic library... no
checking if you want to link with the GPM mouse library... yes
checking for gpm.h... yes
checking for Gpm_Open in -lgpm... no
configure: error: Cannot link with GPM library
If one goes:
lfs:/mnt/lfs/sources/ncurses-5.9$ ./configure --help |grep gpm
  --with-gpm              use Alessandro Rubini's GPM library

Adding --without-gpm to the configure script allows to continue.

Again, if trying to replicate the condition after the full
installation - only harmless warning  will be issued.

Emile Krantz

On 8 April 2012 21:10, Эмиль Кранц <bl8r1ner at tut.by> wrote:
> Тhere is a difference between warning and error.
> Configure script for ncurses in chapter 5.19 didn't give out a warning
> but ERROR on a fresh install.
> Error means NO GO or STOP. Not possible to continue.
> I cannot reproduce the exact condition, because I have added the
> "--without-gpm" switch and continued with installation.
> When I tried to replicate the condition AFTER the LFS installation has
> been fully completed, the ncurses configure script has given a warning
> and went on. Naturally, since the /tools is not "pristine", if that is
> the word i want. BTW, in chapter 6.9 ncurses package was installed
> without the need for additional switch.
> Host system is BLFS 7.0. Anyone who is doing a fresh install care to
> comment? Ah, well, I am going to do a fresh LFS install tonight and I
> will either look foolish or will give you the message from configure.
> I don't think there is a need to go to lfs-dev since it is just a
> matter of adding a switch to configure script, nothing fancy.
> Emile Krantz
> On 7 April 2012 21:49, Eleanore Boyd <cara117 at cox.net> wrote:
>> On 4/7/2012 12:11 PM, Эмиль Кранц wrote:
>>> Hello all.
>>> Ncurses configure script during the Temp tools stage (chapter 5.15)
>>> gives an error, requesting to be complied against gpm. As gpm is
>>> installed in BLFS, the key "--without-gpm" should be passed to the
>>> configure script, in addition. All works well from there.
>>> Cheers.
>>> Emile Krantz
>> You do realize that it helps everyone immensely if you include the
>> message received instead of simply telling us about it. For all we know,
>> your suggestion could be arbitrary and irrelevant because the error you
>> describe is simply a warning. Warnings mean nothing to building LFS,
>> they simply say that the package building doesn't like something in the
>> build environment, but it'll keep going.
>> Elly
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