[lfs-support] Ncurses compilation during the Temp Tools stage

Эмиль Кранц bl8r1ner at tut.by
Sun Apr 8 11:10:39 PDT 2012

Тhere is a difference between warning and error.
Configure script for ncurses in chapter 5.19 didn't give out a warning
but ERROR on a fresh install.
Error means NO GO or STOP. Not possible to continue.
I cannot reproduce the exact condition, because I have added the
"--without-gpm" switch and continued with installation.
When I tried to replicate the condition AFTER the LFS installation has
been fully completed, the ncurses configure script has given a warning
and went on. Naturally, since the /tools is not "pristine", if that is
the word i want. BTW, in chapter 6.9 ncurses package was installed
without the need for additional switch.
Host system is BLFS 7.0. Anyone who is doing a fresh install care to
comment? Ah, well, I am going to do a fresh LFS install tonight and I
will either look foolish or will give you the message from configure.

I don't think there is a need to go to lfs-dev since it is just a
matter of adding a switch to configure script, nothing fancy.

Emile Krantz

On 7 April 2012 21:49, Eleanore Boyd <cara117 at cox.net> wrote:
> On 4/7/2012 12:11 PM, Эмиль Кранц wrote:
>> Hello all.
>> Ncurses configure script during the Temp tools stage (chapter 5.15)
>> gives an error, requesting to be complied against gpm. As gpm is
>> installed in BLFS, the key "--without-gpm" should be passed to the
>> configure script, in addition. All works well from there.
>> Cheers.
>> Emile Krantz
> You do realize that it helps everyone immensely if you include the
> message received instead of simply telling us about it. For all we know,
> your suggestion could be arbitrary and irrelevant because the error you
> describe is simply a warning. Warnings mean nothing to building LFS,
> they simply say that the package building doesn't like something in the
> build environment, but it'll keep going.
> Elly
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