[lfs-support] Can't login after kernel loading, some configuration problem with kernel loading

gmspro gmspro at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 3 20:45:52 PDT 2012

>From /etc/initab


It was id:1:initdefault: before ,

Now i get the login prompt , i typed root and the password, that doesn't login successfully, it prompts me to login again and again, may be some problem setting root password.

I also get this after doing 'chroot "$LFS" /usr/bin/env -i HOME=/root TERM="$TERM" PS1='\u:\w\$ ' PATH=/bin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin /bin/bash --login'

root:/etc/sysconfig# passwd root
Changing password for root
Enter the new password (minimum of 5 characters)
Please use a combination of upper and lower case letters and numbers.
Bad password: too short.  
Warning: weak password (enter it again to use it anyway).
passwd: password changed.

Can't set password ^

Also from i can type from a to z during login prompt but i can't type ;',./ these punctuations, i get unreadable(not human readable characters) for those punctuations

What should i do?

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Subject: Re: [lfs-support] Can't login after kernel loading, some configuration problem with kernel loading
gmspro wrote:
> cat /var/log/boot.log
> Apr 04 02:01:00 +07:00 lfs  Setting up Linux console... OK

> During boot at the last phase i see the first column is with some
> unreadable characters and in place of  [ok] at the rightmost column
> also unreadable characters there.

> And at the last phase of the boot, i'm prompted to type root password
> to maintain or type CTRL+D to reboot or so. If is type CTRL+D nothing
> happens, it re-prompts me to type root password or CTRL+D.

You are getting through rcS.d ok, but somehow running sulogin when you shouldn't be.  What are the contents of /etc/inittab?

> What should i do? Any hint to fix it? I think, there is some problem
> with configuration of keyboar characters or setup or some problem
> with other configuration for this chapter

What do you have in the file /etc/sysconfig/console?
I suggest just removing the file for now.

  -- Bruce
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