Building a LFS system

Philippe Delavalade philippe.delavalade at
Thu Mar 31 16:00:43 PDT 2011

Le jeudi 31 mars à 10:24, Danny Engelbarts a écrit :
> > I first posted to this list as I was wondering about building a lfs box
> > without using a host linux box to compile the files needed to build a lfs
> And how exactly do you propose to compile something without an OS? There is no 
> need to install linux on your box, you could start with a live CD but as said 
> before - read the book carefully.

I have just tested the host system requirements on the GRML livecd;
all his perfect except that /bin/sh is a link to dash (and not to bash)
but this can be changed easily, bash being on the livecd :-)

Ph. Delavalade

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