Building a LFS system

Dave Hajoglou dhajoglou at
Thu Mar 31 07:10:02 PDT 2011

On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 9:02 AM, Andrew Benton <b3nton at> wrote:

>> I first posted to this list as I was wondering about building a lfs box
>> without using a host linux box to compile the files needed to build a lfs
>> box and I do not want to use files with .rpm or .deb files.
>> I just want to get the files needed to for the lfs box and be able to just
>> install the file on the box and compile the other files needed so I don't
>> need to deal with bloat and install only what I want on my box.

LFS, if you already haven't figured, is designed to be built on a
host.  That host does not have to be "installed."  See below...

>> I just want to build my own linux box.
> Why don't you start with a live CD, boot from the CD and use that to
> compile LFS? You need to have a precompiled gcc, glibc, etc to start
> with but you don't have to install them onto your hard drive if you use
> a live CD.

I've built LFS (aLFS) from the Live CD and it works rather well.

> Andy

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