Building a LFS system

Danny Engelbarts d.engelbarts at
Thu Mar 31 01:24:17 PDT 2011

> I first posted to this list as I was wondering about building a lfs box
> without using a host linux box to compile the files needed to build a lfs

And how exactly do you propose to compile something without an OS? There is no 
need to install linux on your box, you could start with a live CD but as said 
before - read the book carefully.

> box and I do not want to use files with .rpm or .deb files.
> I just want to get the files needed to for the lfs box and be able to just
> install the file on the box and compile the other files needed so I don't
> need to deal with bloat and install only what I want on my box.
> I just want to build my own linux box.
> Harold

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