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Wed Mar 30 21:50:23 PDT 2011

As I said I run gentoo on my laptops and as such I have no need to run
windows app so I do not have  .net apps and as such I have no need to run or
use  .mono also I use fluxbox for a desktop and only run what apps I use. I
must say I am now curious why you have posted to this forum.
On Mar 30, 2011 11:38 PM, "Harold Hartley" <wheelie207 at> wrote:
> The .mono project was created by the owner of the Gnome project and some
> their apps must use the .mono runtime in order to use the app, like the
> Banshee application requires the .mono to run and the .mono was at one
> a project in work with Microsoft's .net so that some apps that is found on
> windows can be created so that it can be run on linux.
> I know I'm pretty much on target about the .mono info, but I'm sure
> else will have more info on that.
> Harold
> On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 12:25 AM, Glendon Blount <r0b0sputz at
>> I would recomened you read the lfs documentation before starting if you
>> have read it then read it again carefully as most of what you are talking
>> about is covered in the documintation. I would also like to add that
>> I have built one complete lfs box I normally use gentoo and I have never
>> seen a .mono or .net file I believe those are windows file extentions but
>> I may be wrong it would not be the first time. Again it sounds to me like
>> you have not read the documentation fully as most of the questions you
>> are addressed in it.
>> On Mar 30, 2011 10:57 PM, "Harold Hartley" <wheelie207 at> wrote:
>> > So are you saying I have to use .deb files to build a lfs linux box and
>> not
>> > able tyo just install and compile without a host linux box.
>> >
>> > I'm not to cool about using a host linux box to start the files to
>> my
>> > new linux box, but it looks like I may have to do it that way.
>> >
>> > Once I got just the few files compiled on a host linux box to start the
>> lfs
>> > box, I could recompile the same files on the lfs box to replace the
>> I
>> > had to start with from the host linux box.
>> > I just don't feel all the directories on the premade linux system are
>> > needed and I will feel better when I put together my own linux box
>> without
>> > the bloat and other crap they stick in the distro's that are out there.
>> >
>> > There are so much stuff I don't need on my linux box, such as
>> > files and other files unneeded.
>> >
>> > I think when I get my new box built, all this type of work should come
>> back
>> > to me soon enough as it's been almost 10 years since I have done this
>> type
>> > of stuff but it was with unix though.
>> >
>> > Harold
>> >
>> >
>> > On Wed, Mar 30, 2011 at 11:34 PM, Rick Shelton <rick.shelton at
>> >wrote:
>> >
>> >> On Wed, Mar 30, 2011 at 9:17 PM, Harold Hartley <wheelie207 at>
>> >> wrote:
>> >> > I would like to build a LFS system, but I don't want to use a .rpm
>> >> .deb
>> >> > compiled files.
>> >> > I just want to build a simple linux box and I looked over the lfs
>> >> and
>> >> > it talks about .deb or .rpm files or using a linux system to compile
>> the
>> >> > files to the operating system they currently run.
>> >> > I'm interested in using the tar files on the system or being able to
>> >> compile
>> >> > the files on the new box without using a current linux box.
>> >> >
>> >> Where in the book are pre-compiled packages mentioned? I haven't read
>> >> it in a while, but I don't remember that part. In what context are
>> >> they mentioned? Your host system must provide some basic tools. How
>> >> those initial, basic tools are installed on the host system is between
>> >> you and your distro. The host system becomes optional after a certain
>> >> point in the build. LFS is a system built from source, often found in
>> >> tarballs.
>> >>
>> >> > I hope someone has the answer for me to what I'm looking for.
>> >> >
>> >> LFS has the answer for you.
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