Creating a OpenVz template with a LFS

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Sun Mar 27 15:14:20 PDT 2011

Julien BODIN wrote:
> Actually I just want a reliable and fast system which can be
> virtualized. I don't want to use CPU or RAM for other things that I
> really use.
> But this is not related to lfs, because I'm doing it just because I
> want to know how a distribution work.
> I was just curious about the fact that a lfs can or can't be faster
> than another distribution (with same versions, configuration and
> hardware), but in LFS we do not use optimization with gcc (as it can
> be done with gentoo, for example, or with archlinux) so I think it
> will be slower.

The only way to know is to benchmark the systems.

I suspect that 'faster' is a relative term though.  How many mysql 
connections will you have per hour?  10? 100?  1000?  10000?  Anything 
less than 1000 would be irrelevant.

You can certainly use any optimizations you want, but be aware that 
optimizing gcc will only affect the compile time, not the programs that 

When you run in a virtualized environment, there are numerous factors 
that can affect performance.  The trick is to isolate those factors to 
see where any bottleneck is located.  It doesn't do much good to 
optimize mysql if the problem is a slow network.

   -- Bruce

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