Creating a OpenVz template with a LFS

Julien BODIN julien.bodin at
Sun Mar 27 13:37:33 PDT 2011

Ok, I think I will do some benchmarks in proxmox (with KVM, easier)
with a BLFS and a archlinux.
I need a fast mysql database :-)
(well, don't really need it but i want it :D).


2011/3/27 Bruce Dubbs <bruce.dubbs at>:
> Kef wrote:
>> Will a server based on LFS be faster than a server based on another
>> distribution ? (Debian, centos, archlinux...)
> Possibly.  It most certainly will be smaller.  I have several LFS
> servers that run LAMP for specialized scientific research and the total
> disk used is 3.2G.  It doesn't have any X overhead.  This is a list of
> my packages beyond LFS:
> apache            fcron     logrotate  openssh  postfix  svn
> bdb               inetd     mailx      openssl  python   tcpwrappers
> blfs-bootscripts  iptables  mysql      pcre     rsync    wget
> curl              libxml2   nettools   php      sqlite   which
> denyhosts         linux     ntp        popt     sudo
> Several of these are not needed in this case, but were put in place by
> another admin:
> denyhosts inetd python tcpwrappers
> Of the 3.2G, 1.2G is sources
> Now the question of running faster is another issue.  That is really a
> function of the software package in question and that package's
> configuration.
>   -- Bruce
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